Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Knitting Outdoors, Anyone?

My car was in for it's check up yesterday and is in good health.  However, in this rare moment, my Yarn Mobile is yarn-less.  It sports no Warm Up America blocks, no samples, no patterns, skill sheets or flyers, no bags of "I just had to give it a good home" yarn...for the moment.  Its just a car.  The interior and trunk are vacuumed out and the mats are spot cleaned.  Good thing it is home in my driveway; I might not recognize it in a parking lot. 

Tucked into the trunk now are two outdoor chairs and a small table in anticipation of plein air knitting excursions.  Knit Mobs are just around the corner.  World Wide Knitting in Public Days are on my mind.  Its time to knit in the sunshine.  In the kitchen, I'm queuing up the some projects to restock my wheels...yarn-less it will be for just a short time more.