Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fire up those GPSs! There's a new yarn spot in town.

Yesterday I ventured (GPSless) into the industrial area south of Teterboro Airport and north of the Sports Complex.  It's not your usual shopping mall haunt...more reminiscent of early Secaucus Outlet shopping adventures.  There tucked at the end of Kero Road -- a road with one sharp turn and several bumpy patches -- was Lion Brand Land. 

I walked into the Outlet Store thinking I'd find dark and dingy warehouse but I should have known better.  The first thing you see through the glass doors is a large yarn art installation.  Look to the left as you enter and there's the skating lion who once graced the window of the 15th Street Studio.  Look to the right and there's an open, freshly painted, cavernous room with great signage filled with yarn -- well organized and packaged...some discontinueds at great prices...some high end Lion Brand not available through the big box arts and crafts stores here in NJ.  (The Outlet's stock also does not duplicate what is carried in the big box stores.)  The lighting in the store is fabulous. 

There's a computer kiosk with access to the Lion Brand patterns.  A table and chairs near the back where you could spread out your pattern and choices to sit and do your math.  And an almost competed lounge -- big with a variety seating options.  And a ladies room.  (My three criteria for any great destination---yarn, a ladies room and a Diet Coke machine. Two out of three works.)

I met Brenda at the register.  She told me they are looking to be the CostCo of yarn.  I'll take that.

Well done...again...Lion Brand!

The Outlet is open to newsletter subscribers -- check your inbox -- until 9/6/11 when it opens to the public.  (If you're not a subscriber, find a friend to forward you the email.  I bet they won't mind.)  If memory serves, it's open Monday through Thursday from 11 - 7 and Friday from 11 - 4.  They are closed on Saturday and will be open on Sundays after the full opening.  It is located at 140 Kero Road in Carlstadt, New Jersey.