Sunday, September 11, 2011

Meet Millie

Millie is 10 years old.  
She started out knitting with her grandmother who learned to knit 
as in girl in Peru.

Millie attended four Discover Knit classes this past August at the Clifton (NJ) Michaels with her mom Vicky.  Vicky recognized Millie's natural aptitude and wanted her daughter to be able to read knitting patterns and expand her range of techniques.

Millie was born to knit.  She quickly absorbed everything I offered her.  

Above is a striped hat she knitted with some coordinated Red Heart yarn and a pattern from a knitting book for kids all found in Michaels.  I got her started with reading and interpreting the pattern and she took off on her own with these wonderful results.  

Here are the fingerless gloves Millie knit up using the pattern from the Discover the Cable Stitch class.  We adapted the pattern for gauge so Millie's gloves would match her hat and fit.

Millie - When you become a famous knitwear designer, send me an invite to your first runway show at Fashion Week!