Friday, April 22, 2011

No invitation to the Royal Wedding?

With just one week to go to the Royal Wedding,
knit and create your own Will & Kate.  

Go to  They will ask for your name, surname and email to be able to download the pattern.

If you like, you can show Galt how you get on! 

I'll post photos of any completed couples here on the blog, if you like.  Leave a comment below...comments are moderated by me first before putting up on the blog.  I do not post emails or phone numbers or anything personal.

Some UK/US equivalencies:
There's no gauge on these patterns.  The yarn and needle size you choose will determine how large the dolls end up.  Know that when you knit figures like this, you want your knitting tighter than fiber filling coming through the stitches, please.  Whatever yarn you choose, come down 1mm in needle size as in...if it calls for a US8 or 5mm, use a US 6 or 4mm.
  • Double wool is like our medium weight or worsted yarn CYC 4
  • 4mm needles are the same as US6 
  • 4 ply is like Sport weight or Baby yarn CYC 3 
  • 3mm are the same as US 2.  You can also consider a US 3 which is 3.25mm

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    Wednesday, April 20, 2011

    Getting Gauge

    One thing many of you ask me about is knit gauge and what it means.  

    Here's an extreme example of what happens when you don't "get gauge."  


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